The Kold War is a musical pandemic infecting listeners from the USA to Ukraine with its infectious grooves, powerful hooks and addictive rock melodies. This explosive mixture of alternative American rock infused with the flavor of Ukraine immerses the listener into the musical experience of The Kold War. In August of 2005, 16 year-old Zhenya Sydorov from Ukraine persuaded the US State Department to allow him to finish high school in the USA. Through persistence and luck Zhenya met twin brothers and renowned American record producers, Marc and Eric Klee Johnson, while touring their studio, The Pop Machine. ( The brothers and Zhenya quickly became friends and decided to collaborate to create a completely new musical concept. After learning of the project, legendary American drummer, Kenny Aronoff, agreed to provide the explosive beat of The Kold War. Kenny Aronoff, who also has Ukrainian roots, has played with countless other artists including The Rolling Stones, The Smashing Pumpkins, Jon Bon Jovi, John Mellencamp and Melissa Etheridge, to name a few. The explosive sound of The Kold War will hit you like a nuclear blast. Don't Duck and Cover. The experience will free your soul and turn your radio upside down."