The Pop Machine is a world-class recording studio located in the artistic epicenter of the Broad Ripple/Glendale area of Indianapolis, Indiana. Located within a mile of the city's finest restaurants, nightclubs, and art galleries, The Pop Machine is nestled on a beautiful wooded acre on Indy's north side. The Pop Machine offers many amenities just not found at other facilities. Musicians built the Pop Machine for other musicians; our equipment purchases, recording philosophies, and studio design are built for the specific purpose of making stellar recordings. The Pop Machine's owners toured the world's finest studios to create a vision of what would become The Pop Machine. The ideas have been implemented and result is nothing short of amazing.

the pop machine equipment list

mixing console
Soundcraft Series 1600
This 24x8x24-frame transformer-less recording console was designed and built in England
by Phillip Dudderidge (Focusrite) and Graham Blythe in 1984 and includes
24 of the 2011 Preamp/EQ Modules. The desk was purchased from Amy Grant's
Nashville studios and has a rich gold and platinum legacy.

digital audio workstation
Digidesign Pro Tools|HD 3 Accel
Digidesign Pro Tools|HD 192 I/O x 2
Digidesign Pro Tools|HD Sync I/O
Apple G5 64-Bit Desktop Computer
Apple Cinema HD Display 23-inch widescreen
Medea AudioRack-LP 160g Hard Drive
Seagate Cheetah Hot-Swap 36g Hard Drive
Sony AIT1 Tape Back-up with Mezzo Software
TDM and RTAS Plug-ins include but are not limited to: Access, Antares, Bomb Factory, Focusrite, Line 6, Metric Halo, Purple Audio, Sansamp, and Solid State Logic

audio recorders and playback
Otari MX-80 2 Analog 24-track
Otari CB-124 Auto-locator Remote
Alesis adat Blackface Modular Digital Multi-track x 3
Alesis BRC Remote Control
Tascam MSR16 12" Analog16-Track
Tascam RC416 Remote Control/Auto-locator
Panasonic SV3800 DAT
Tascam DA30 DAT
Tascam 122MKII Cassette Recorder
Marantz 630 CD-R/RW CD Recorder
Denon 1015 20-bit CD Player

UREI 813A (Original Issue) Main Monitors
JBL 4208 Near-field Monitors
Yamaha NS10M Studio Near-field Monitors
Paradigm Powered Subwoofer
Carver PM300 (Main)
Hafler Trans-Nova Near-field Amplification
White Instruments 1/3 Octave EQ x 2 (Main)

Alesis 3630 Stereo Compressor/Limiter
Altec 436C Tube Compressor x 3
Aphex 105 Logic Assisted Gates
Aphex 320A Stereo Compellor
Aphex 612 Logic Assisted Gates x 3
Ashley CL52 Stereo Compressor/Limiter
dbx 160X Compressor/Limiter
dbx 160XT Compressor/Limiter
Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor
Rocktron Studio Series 2-Channel HUSHII
Spectra Sonics Model 610 CompLimiter x 2
Teletronix LA-2A Tube Compressor/Limiter
Tube-Tech CL 1B Tube Compressor
Tube-Tech LCA 2B Tube Compressor/Limiter
UREI 1178 Dual Peak Limiter
UREI LA4 Compressor/Limiter
UREI Universal Audio 1176LN Blackface
UREI Universal Audio LA5 Audio Leveler

API Lunchbox
API 512b Mic-Pre x 4
API 550b 4-band EQ x 2
Calrec PQ10s Mic-Pre/3-band EQ x 2
Calrec PQ15s Mic-Pre/3-band EQ x 2
Dukane 2A40B 3x1 Vacuum Tube Mixer
Fairchild 240 Tube Mic-Pre/EQ
Focusrite ISA 110 Mic-Pre/4-band EQ x 2
Focusrite ISA 115 HD Mic-Pre/4-band EQ
Focusrite 430 Producer Pack
Neve 1066 Mic-Pre/EQ x 2
RCA 12156 Class-A Vacuum Tube Mic-Pre
Tube-Tech PE 1C Program Equalizer
Uncle Albert's Class-A Tube Mic-Pre
Uncle Albert's Stereo 3-Band Tube EQ
Universal Audio 2-610 Tube Mic-Pre/EQ

echo, reverb, and delay systems
Alesis Quadraverb GT
Alesis Quadraverb Plus
Alesis Midiverb II x 3
Antares ATR1 Auto Tuner
Digitech RMS 3.6 Digital Delay
Electrix EQKiller
Electrix FilterFactory
Electrix FilterQueen
Electrix Mo-FX
Electrix WarpFactory
Eventide H910 Harmonizer
Lexicon 200
Lexicon LXP-15
Roland SDE-1000
Yamaha REV7
Yamaha SPX90II
Yamaha SP900
Zoom 9030

AKG C12 VR (Vacuum Tube)
AKG C414 B/ULS x 2
AKG C451E x 3
AKG D112
AKG SolidTube (Vacuum Tube)
Astatic Blues Breaker (Crystal)
Audio Technica AT4031 x 2
Audio Technica ATM25
Audio Technica Pro 25
Beyer Dynamic M160 (Ribbon) x 2
Beyer Dynamic M420
B.L.U.E. Dragonfly x 2
B.L.U.E. Eightball x 2
Cheese Snare Mic (10 Speaker)
Coles BBC 4038 (Ribbon) x 2
Electro Voice 635
Electro Voice 664
Electro Voice N/D457 x 2
Electro Voice PL20
Kraco CB Mic (Crystal)
Neumann U47fet
Neumann U87ai x 2
Neumann KM84
Octava MC 012 x 2
Realistic PZM
Samson Audio C01
Sennheiser MD421 x 3
Shure Beta 58
Shure PE50SP
Shure SM7B
Shure SM57 x 9
Shure SM58 x 3
Stedman N90
Unidyne III Model 545 x 2
Yamaha NS-10M (6.5" Speaker)

direct boxes
Avalon Design U5 Pure Class A DI x 2
Uncle Albert's Vacuum Tube Direct Box x 3
Whirlwind Director Direct Box
Whirlwind Hot Box Active Reference Direct Box
Whirlwind IMP2 x 2
Whirlwind Director
Whirlwind Multi-Director 4-channel Direct Box

headphone cue system
Oz Audio HM6 Private Q 8x6 Headphone Matrix
Alesis Micro Cue Amp
AKG K240 Headphones x 2
Sony MDR 7506 Headphones x 6

Ampeg B15N "Portaflex" Flip-Top Bass Amp (1968)
Ashley BP41 Bass Preamp
Fender Bassman (1969)
Fender Super Reverb (1970)
Fender Twin Reverb (1979)
Fender 2x12 Cabinet with Weber VST Speakers
Gallien Kruger RB800
Hartke 1x15 Bass Cabinet
Hartke 4x10 Bass Cabinet
HIWATT Custom 50 Hiwatt (Harry Joyce Design)
HIWATT Custom 100 Hiwatt (Harry Joyce Design)
HIWATT 4x12 Cabinet with Fane Speakers
Marshall Club & Country Combo (1975)
Marshall Super Lead 100 (1973)
Marshall JCM800 Tweed
Marshall 1960 4x12 Cabinet
Marshall Power Brake
Mesa Engineering Dual Rectifier Trem-O-Verb 2x12 Combo
Panasonic Karaoke Machine
Peavey 5150 100W
Peavey 4x12 Cabinet
Monday Designworks 2x12 Wedges with 25w Celestion Speakers
Monday Designworks 2x12 Wedges with 25w Weber VST Speakers
Red Bear 1x12 Combo
Roland Jazz Chorus 120
Vox AC30

drums and percussion
Ludwig Drum Kit (1970)
(24", 12", 14" & 14" Superphonic Snare)
Slingerland Drum Kit (1961)
(22", 13", 16", & 14" Radio King Snare)
Sonor Cocktail Drum Kit (1969)
(20", 13", 15" & 14" Sonor Snare)
Sabian HHX Cymbals
(14 Hats, 16 Crash, 17 Crash, 20 Ride)
Payne Percussion Snare Drum
Sonor Hardware
DW Double-Kick Pedal
Various percussion instruments

Fender Stratocaster Plus
Fender 12-string Stratocaster
Fender 6-string Acoustic
Fender 12-string Acoustic
Fender Telecaster
Gibson Chet Atkins
Gibson ES-335 (1964)
Gibson ES-335-12 (1967)
Gibson G45 6-string Acoustic (1948)
Gibson Firebird (Non-Reversed Headstock) (1967)
Gibson Les Paul Gold Top with P90's (1972)
Gibson Les Paul SG with P90s (1962)
Gibson Les Paul Standard
Gibson Melody Maker (1961)
Gibson SG
Gretsch Nashville 6120 (1959)
Gretsch G6129T-1962 Sparkle Jet
Guild D4 NTHR 6-string Acoustic|
Landola Acoustic with Fishman Transducers
Landola Jumbo 6 String Acoustic
Steinberger XL2 Guitar
Steinberger XP Guitar
Palmer Mandolin
Rickenbacker 6/12 String convertible (1968)

Fender Jazz Bass (1962 Reissue)
Fender Precision Bass (2001)
Fender Precision Bass (2004)
Gibson 450 (1974)
Gibson EB2 Bass (1966)
Gibson EB3 Bass (1974)
Gibson Les Paul Signature Bass (1974)
Gibson Thunderbird Bass
Hagstrom "The Swede" Bass (1970)
Hofner 500/1 "Beatle" Bass (1965)
Hohner Acoustic Bass
Steinberger XL2 Bass

Arion Pedal Board
Boss BF-1 Flanger
Boss CE-2 Chorus
Boss CE-3 Chorus
Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
Boss DT12 Digital Tuner x 2
Boss GE-7 Equalizer
Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner
Boss TU-12H Chromatic Tuner
Danelectro BLT Slapback Delay
DOD Envelope Filer
Dunlop 535Q Cry Baby Wah-Wah x 2
Dunlop TS-1 Tremolo Stereo Pan
Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi
Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phaser
Gig FX Chopper
Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer

Ibanez UE400
Johnson J-Station

Line 6 POD
Maestro PS1 Phase Shifter
MXR Phase 90
Radial JX-2 Switchbone
Rapco A/B Box

Tom Schultz Rockman Sustainer
Tom Schultz Rockman Chorus/Delay
Vox Wah-Wah
Z.Vex Fuzz Factory
Z. Vex Super Hard On
Zoom Driver 5000 Amp Simulator

synthesizers, organs and keyboards
Access Virus TDM Plug-in
Alesis SR16 Drum Machine
ARP Omni 2 Analog Synthesizer (1980)
Bruno/Reso TDM Plug-in
Fender Rhodes Electric Piano
Hammond B3 Organ (1969)
Hammond M3 Organ (1948)
Hammond M101 Organ (1967)
Jenn SX100 Analog Synthesizer (1973) x 2
Korg MS2000 Analog Modeling Synthesizer
Korg DT1 Digital Tuner
Leslie 145 Speaker (1966)
Leslie 122 Speaker (1972)
Moog Mini-Moog
Propellorheads Reason
Roland JV2080
Roland Midi Controller
Wurlitzer 200 Electric Piano
Wurlitzer 206A Electric Student Piano
Yamaha PSR 225

pa system
RCF ART200A 1x15 Self-Powered Monitors
JBL EON 1x15 Self Powered Monitors
Mackie 18" Powered Subwoofer
Allen & Heath Mix Wizard 16x2 Mixing Console
Yamaha MX12/412x4x2 Mixing Console
Ramsa 8112 Sidecar Console (12x4x2)
Klark Teknik DN27 1/3 Octave EQ
Brook Siren System 2-way Stereo Crossover

studio dimensions
Control Room: 19x17x12
Mahogany, Poplar and Maple Live Room: 20x16x13.5
Vocal Isolation Booth; 6x4x8
Guitar Amp ISO Booth: 9x7x8
Slate Entry Room: 16x10x18
Mogami Oxygen-Free Multi-Strand Copper Cable
Neutrik & Monster Cable Gold-Plated Interconnects
Client Lounge with Apple iBook, High-Speed Internet Access,
Cable TV, VCR, Refrigerator, Vintage Atari 2600 Gaming System,
Coffee and Espresso Bar

studio design
Terry L. Monday
Monday Designworks

*All Instruments subject to availability and rental charge

the red room
Control Room: 10x10x8
Soundcraft Studio Spirit Console (24x8x2)
Digidesign Pro Tools|24 MIX Plus Cubed
Digidesign Pro Tools 888|24 x 2
Digidesign Pro Tools| 24-Bit ADAT Bridge

Apple Power Mac G4
Apple 22 Cinema Display
TDM and RTAS Plug-ins include but are not limited to:
Access, Antares, Aphex, Apogee, Bomb Factory, Drawmer,
Focusrite, Kind of Loud, Lexicon, Line 6, mcdsp, Metric Halo,
Sansamp, TC Works, Wave Mechanics, and Waves

the pop machine digital salon
Digidesign Digi001
Apple Power Mac G4
Apple 17" Blue & White Studio Display
Sony CD Player
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