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This page last updated on 05/05/2008

New Wonderdrug Tour Dates
April 20, 2001: We have listed a ton of new Wonderdrug dates through the summer on the TOUR page.

Wonderdrug Recording New Album
April 20, 2001: The band has started a new batch of recording sessions for their next album "The Space Between People" at Indianapolis's The Pop Machine studios. Tunes expected to be recorded in these sessions include: Stupid, Salvation, Field Trip, Taste, Faker, Goodbye, Drag, Mad Mad Scene, I Know Where You're Comin' From and many more.

New Indianapolis Music Website
April 20, 2001: There is a great new website for people interested in the Indianapolis music scene. Check it out at http://www.IndianapolisMusic.net 

Wonderdrug on TV
February 22, 2001: We were on Indianapolis's WXIN 59's early morning show today. We performed with the full band electric versions of Hi and Stupid and did a fine job of ringing everyone's ears so early in the AM.

February 1, 2001: Sorry it has been so long since our last update. It has been a busy time for us but most of it has been behind the scenes. Thanks to all of you who attended our last announced public show on New Years Eve at the Adams Mark. Those of you who were there already know our biggest news. After over three years of dedicated service Thom Braun has given up the drum position in Wonderdrug. Thom is moving out of the Indianapolis area and had to quit the band. Wonderdrug would like to thank Thom for the many good years and great shows. Thom played the first of our two sets on New Years Eve.

Kicking out the jams!
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February 1, 2001: Wonderdrug's new drummer is now Indianapolis drum legend Tony Medeiros. Tony has an extensive background playing in both rock bands (Healing Sixes) and Jazz music. Recognized in the past as best unsigned drummer by Modern Drummer Tony released his own album in 1999. With his Jazz/Rock style of playing Tony brings a very cool new dynamic to Wonderdrug's psychedelic power pop. His first show with the band was the second set of our New Years Eve show (which fittingly took place just after midnight in early 2001). His second show with the band was a last minute show at Birdy's opening for Transmatic (Indy buddies about to record their Immortal/Virgin debut who played a great set) and Tantric (about to release their Maverick Records debut/former members of Louisville's Days Of The New). The 30 minute opening gig received a rave review (especially Tony's playing) from David Lindquist and the Indianapolis Star. You can learn more about Tony at his website http://www.tonymedeiros.com/

Marc at Fountain 
Square Theatre
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February 1, 2001: With the addition of Tony Medeiros Wonderdrug has decided to start over recording their second album. Currently the album is tentatively titled "The Space Between People." Wonderdrug has started recording basic tracks for the new album which we hope to get out for the summer. Songs expected to be on the new album include: Faker, Taste, I Know Where You're Comin' From, Goodbye, Automatic, Drag, Salvation and Stupid. Wonderdrug expects to record approximately 20 songs and then pick their favorites for the album. All recording is taking place at Indy's The Pop Machine studios ( http://www.thepopmachine.com ). Watch their website and our website for pictures from the recording sessions. When you see us live let us know what your favorite new songs are!

Patio_Kelley_Marc_Eric_02.jpg (27415 bytes)
Wonderdrug Rocks Out
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February 1, 2001: If you have some spare surfing time be sure to look around http://www.wonderdrug.net for new pictures from live performances and the recording of our new album. If you would like to download mp3 song snippets of all of the songs on Wonderdrug's debut album "Hi!" or would like to check out the music from some of Wonderdrug's labelmates (Unreel, Push Down & Turn) head over to our label's website http://www.indie500records.com Our favorite recording studio, The Pop Machine, has updated pictures and session info. You can see it at http://www.thepopmachine.com

Patio_Eric06.jpg (21239 bytes)
Eric working hard!
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February 1, 2001: Wonderdrug has a new fan site at http://www.members.tripod.com/glittergrrl676/ created by Lorah. We recommend you check it out! Thanks Lorah!!!

February 1, 2001: Wonderdrug only played the one show in January (Jan. 14 at Birdy's which we would have told you all about but we were added to the bill 3 hours before showtime!) and spent most of the month rehearsing new drummer Tony Medeiros and recording basic tracks for their new album. We have all of our new tour dates over the next few months listed in the TOUR SECTION

We have a show this weekend at Birdy's in Indy in our old stomping grounds of 71st and Keystone. It is a very nice place to see a live rock show. We hope to see you out at the shows!

2000_Automatic_Session_Marshall2.jpg (17613 bytes)
Marc's Vintage Marshall
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January 18, 2001: Wonderdrug was added at the last minute to the bill on Sunday January 14th at Birdy's in Indianapolis. They opened the show for local friends Transmatic and headliner Tantric. Indianapolis Star music reviewer David Lindquist printed the following in his Jan. 16 review. 

"Opening act Wonderdrug (3 stars out of 4) proved to be the tightest, best-rehearsed band on the bill. New drummer Tony Medeiros (ex-Healing Sixes) is a thundering asset for vocalist-guitarist Marc Johnson and his bass-playing brother Eric Johnson -- two persistent, true believers of the Indianapolis rock scene."

2000_Automatic_Session_MarcBlurryGuitar.jpg (9850 bytes)
Marc plays so well the 
guitar gets blurry!
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December 20, 2000:  Just a quick update/reminder of our two shows that we are doing yet this year! After these shows we will be playing less in the first few months of the new year as we really dig in and work on our 2nd album.  

First off our scheduled show for Thursday night at World Marti Gras has been cancelled.

Saturday, December 23, 2000 The Patio, Indianapolis IN 9pm w/ Elektrolab

Sunday, December 31, 2000 The Adams Mark Hotel, Downtown Indianapolis IN 8pm w/ a number of bands, 317-241-2481 for tickets/reservations/information

Here is more info about the NYE show from WTPI's website:
Join Jerry Curtis for the You Survived 2000 New Year's Eve Party at the Adam's Mark Downtown. Featuring Orquesta Son, Wonderdrug, Push Down & Turn, and Dog Talk. We will giveaway great prizes during the WTPI Survivor contest including $500 cash.

Room and Dinner Party Package
$299 per couple includes room, buffet dinner, tickets to the party, a bottle of Chandon Brut Fresco and party favors.

Room Party Package
$249 per couple includes room, tickets to the party, a bottle of Chandon Brut Fresco and party favors.

Party Dinner Package
$79 per person includes dinner and tickets to the party.

Party Only
$49 per person in advance or $59 per person on December 31st.

For reservations and tickets call 317/972-0600.

Patio_Kelley_Marc01.jpg (21153 bytes)
Kelley and Marc
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November 30, 2000: Indianapolis IN's best power pop band Wonderdrug will return to Chicago Saturday night at Thurston's. The Drug will then be heading back into The Pop Machine recording studios to continue work on their forthcoming record "The Space Between People."

Thurston's Chicago, IL
With Great Apes
Saturday December 2 2000 9:00 PM
1248 W. George 773-472-6900
(at the corner of Lincoln and George)

Here is a review of the Wonderdrug debut album "Hi!" in this weeks Nuvo Magazine 2000 Gift Guide If they like: Barenaked Ladies, XTC Try: Wonderdrug, Hi! (Indie 500 Records) Perfectly crafted, excellently performed pop music created by and for adults is becoming increasing rare in this teenybopper age. But Wonderdrug refuses to stop flying the pop-music flag. On this album the band shows incredible range-from dreamy space-pop ("Purple is the Color of the Universe") to straight-ahead, 70's style pop ("Star Trip", "Hi!"). Living proof that pop music isn't just for kids.

DeerCreek98_RockingOut2.jpg (30132 bytes)
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November 9, 2000:  Wonderdrug has 5 shows in the next 8 days! On top of all of these shows, check out this weeks NUVO for some info about Wonderdrug and watch next week's Indianapolis Star for an article about Wonderdrug and their show with Superdrag. Additionally Wonderdrug's recording studio, The Pop Machine ( http://www.thepopmachine.com ), was voted best recording facility in Indianapolis by NUVO.

ericINDYMONTHLY.jpg (43596 bytes)
Eric working hard!
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September 22, 2000:  Just a quick update to remind you of our show this weekend!

This Saturday September 23 at THE PATIO

Additionally we will be heading into some new markets on the very cool Home Tour. What it is the best of Indiana original music heading out together to work in some new markets. Here are the bands on the tour and the dates! 

Please pass this word onto your friends about the tour and I hope you all can catch a show!



blurrykelley.jpg (11446 bytes)
Kelley being dreamy.
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August 10, 2000: Wonderdrug's success has continued on the website www.garageband.com where our song Star Trip has reached as high as #3 on their general music chart. Star Trip is now in the "FINAL COUNTDOWN" where the winning song and band wins a $250,000 recording contract. Basically they take the top 100 songs every two months and put them in direct competition against each other and give a record deal to the winner. The top 100 songs battle it out for about another week and we hope you can help.

So far "Star Trip" has fared pretty well hovering about the #18 mark on their charts. We would ask for some of you fans to help us move up the charts, this is what you can do. Go to www.garageband.com and register with them, then review music on their site.

The review process goes like this. You review pairs of songs randomly from their pool of about 18,000 songs. You give them your feedback on the song while you listen to it in Real Audio and then you tell them which song you like out of the two and then you are told what song and band you have been listening to.

After you have review 2 sets of songs (4 songs total) then on the review page you have the option of reviewing one pair of songs from the 100 songs Final Countdown. Hopefully you will get a Wonderdrug song and get the chance to give a glowing review. You don't need to be overly critical of the other songs in the competition you hear but naturally a glowing review of other bands music doesn't help Wonderdrug win. You earn points for every song you review which you can cash in for cool stuff and you can review as many songs as you want.

We will let you know when the competition ends and how Wonderdrug ends up (hopefully we will WIN!) but please check out the site and review some music on there. Once the Final Countdown is over we will upload a few more songs into their competition!

Patio_Kelley_Marc_Eric_Red.jpg (31284 bytes)
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August 10, 2000: Another cool thing you might want to check out is that our song "Morningstar" has been added into the rotation on www.spinner.com. For those of you who have not visited Spinner.com they are like a huge radio station, commercial free. They have about 100 channels of audio divided into formats (Pop, Modern Rock, Heavy Metal etc.) and geared at the same listeners who listen to stations on the FM dial. Unlike some other online radio stations Spinner.com is totally programmed by radio pro's. 

We were asked to submit a disc to them a few months back and they really like "Morningstar" and added it into the rotation on their Modern Rock formatted ModernMix channel. This is a channel that plays pretty much everything you would expect from a good Modern Rock station today (Stone Temple Pilots, Everclear, Kid Rock, Korn, Metallica, Pearl Jam etc) and we were told that we are the only "baby band" (band without a major label record deal) currently being played on their channel, that's how much they liked the band and the song. Spinner is really cool in the fact that you can give your opinions about the songs you hear while you are listening to them. We have a link on the main page of Wonderdrug.net for you to listen to Spinner, we recommend you check it out!

Patio_Kelley_Marc_Eric_08.jpg (18382 bytes)
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August 10, 2000:  Wonderdrug has two new websites that have just gone public that they are involved in!

This is the official website of Wonderdrug's record label Indie500 Records! You can buy Wonderdrug's album online from here along with other acts on the labels albums!

Wonderdrug's Marc and Eric Johnson have their own recording studio, The Pop Machine. The official website for the studio has all of the info you could ever want about recording at the studio!

promo.jpg (38574 bytes)
Promo Shot 1998
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July 27, 2000: Wonderdrug has been extremely successful on the website www.garageband.com where our song Star Trip has reached as high as #3 on their general music chart (#1 on the Pop-Rock chart) and currently we are #41 on the general chart and #5 on the Pop-Rock chart. This is a very cool site for fans of new original music. People join the site and listen to music and rank the songs and give their feedback. Everyone is given equal play and treatment and the response of the listeners pushes your songs up and down the charts. That must mean that plenty of online listeners are digging Star Trip! We encourage you to check out their site and if you happen to get a Wonderdrug song to come up give us a good rating and review! If you review music we are in the Pop/Rock category. The highest charting songs then enter into a competition every few months where a team of industry heavy hitters (Sir George Martin, Jerry Harrison, Bob Rock, Steve Earle etc.)  review the songs and give some of the bands record contracts or produce their albums. After Star Trip enters into the final competition we will upload a couple of new Wonderdrug songs to their site.

WDband98-8.jpg (25528 bytes)
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July 27, 2000: Wonderdrug will be the featured band on www.loudenergy.com the week of July 30th through August 6th. This is a site where featured artist's music is reviewed by a group of music producers who give the artists feedback (and sometimes record deals!).

July 27, 2000: Wonderdrug has added a bunch of new tour dates all through July/August and all through the fall. Check the full details of the dates out in the TOUR section! Be sure to let us know what you think of the shows, we are always around before and after the shows to talk to fans!

3someCLOSE2.jpg (24403 bytes)
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July 27, 2000: Wonderdrug continues to record new songs in their studio (The Pop Machine) as time and tour schedule permits. The most recent tunes to have been recorded are longtime fan favorite "Drag" and a newer rocker "Automatic." No release date for the album has been set yet. The band plans to record at least 20 of its tunes for consideration for their next album which has no title at this point.  Early favorites for inclusion on the next Wonderdrug disc include: Drag, Faker, I Know Where You're Comin' From, Taste, Goodbye, Rollin' Away, Automatic, Field Trip and Mad Mad Scene.

3live2.jpg (83646 bytes)
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July 27, 2000: Monsoon audio's TV commercials that used Wonderdrug's "Supersonic Daydream" and "Star Trip" have begun running again, so don't be surprised to hear the drug on your TV in the near future! The commercials run often on MTV, VH1, CNN and ESPN and their affiliated substations. Head over to Monsoon's site to watch the commercials featuring our music, http://www.monsoonpower.com/ads.html 

threesome.jpg (26760 bytes)
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June 27, 2000:  We are playing one of our favorite venues this weekend, The Patio just down the road from our homebase here in Indianapolis. We hope you will all make it out and hear your favorites as well as the new tunes that will be on our next album! We have booked a lot of shows through the rest of the year so check out our website for that info and also check the news page on info how you can buy all of our Hi! album online in MP3 format! 

May 17, 2000: Wonderdrug has just put its music online for sale in MP3 format at LaserTrax.com. The album is available for purchase there also, you can buy tracks for 99cents each. We are a featured act on their site for the next few months. The site is giving away the album version of the song Hi on their site for free download as well. If you want to see our page please visit http://www.lasertrax.com/band/wonderdrug.shtml or click on the link on the navigation frame on left!

MarcCloseEricFull.jpg (21322 bytes)
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Here is the setlist from the Saturday May 13, 2000 show at Bloomington, Indiana's Bluebird Nightclub:
Turning Pro
Field Trip
NYC High
White Rabbit
Space Out
Star Trip
Purple is the Color of the Universe
Mad Mad Scene
Rollin' Away
Highway to Hell
Supersonic Daydream
I Can't Explain

May 9, 2000: Wonderdrug has added a bunch of new tour dates all through
April/May/June. A few shows will be on the http://club.mp3.com tour. Be sure to let us know what you think of the shows, we are always around before and after the shows to talk to fans!

April 28, 2000: Just an update to those of you who read the news story below about Wonderdrug being featured on the www.musicmonster.net website. Wonderdrug album "Hi!" continues it steady hold on their top 20 charts reaching an all time high of the #3 position on this weeks chart!

April 28, 2000:  Online Pop Rock music newsletter Not Lame recently featured Wonderdrug's "Hi!" in its review section of its April newsletter. Here is what they had to say!  WONDERDRUG - Hi! - $10 Sounding like a rocking verson of The Pursuit Of Happiness, this trio is filled with blustery, punchy guitar chords, in your face melodies and big rock sound with vague-ish evokations of Cheap Trick, POH, Echobelly and Not Lame faves like Montgomery Cliffs and Wonderboy. Flairs of early 80's new wave pop up to make the proceedings exceedingly more interesting and the highly addictive rocking guitars nail the hooks on the door. Fans of loud, guitar based pop-rock will love this one! Learn more about Not Lame at www.notlame.com 

April 28, 2000: Wonderdrug is back in the full swing of writing material for their next record. So far the band has cut 4 tracks for consideration for the new disc. Wonderdrug just cut two new songs "Mad Mad Scene," and "Goodbye" with King Williams (Robbie Fulks, Dust Brothers, Tiny Town) at our The Pop Machine studio and they were mixed this weekend at Universal Music Publishing in Nashville on a Neve console. The two other songs that have been cut are Faker and I Know Where Your Comin' From. Their upcoming shows will see the debut of more new material that will be considered for their 2nd album. At the shows you will be hearing two brand new Wonderdrug tunes. Experience the indie rock of Field Trip and the melody of the Kelley Milligan sung Rollin' Away. Plus you will hear some of the other new tunes like My Guru, Faker, Goodbye, I Know Where You're Comin' From, Taste, Be Aware, and Mad Mad Scene.

As Wonderdrug starts on their next album (no release date planned at this time) the band would appreciate your input as to what songs they should consider for the next disc. Let them know what your favorites are after a show or give us an email at wonderdrug@bigfoot.com

April 12, 2000: Wonderdrug finally headed west to play LA  in early April. Our showcase show was well attended by the industry and we made LOTS of great contacts and friends in LA. Look for us to head back out there in the future to showcase again!

March 23, 2000: Wonderdrug has released the brand new song Faker as their new single in Indianapolis Indiana. Other past singles include Supersonic Daydream, Star Trip, Space Out and N.Y.C. High. For our Indianapolis area fans you can call Call X103 at 317-239-X103 to request "Faker" and call WEDJ at 317-239-1071 to request "Supersonic Daydream."  Please call your favorite radio stations and ask them to play your favorite Wonderdrug songs!

March 23, 2000:  Hope a few of you caught Wonderdrug on X103's morning show Tuesday March 21st with Edsel Ferrari and Sky Wanker. Wonderdrug performed a small acoustic set as well as talked about their upcoming LA trip. "Faker" has been added both to X103's primary rotation and to an X103 commercial where is says X103 plays new music first and it plays new songs by Creed and some other nationals then Wonderdrug

March 21, 2000: The following blurb recently appeared in Indianapolis's NUVO Newsweekly:
"GRAMMY nominated studio ace King Williams will be at the The Pop Machine  this week recording tracks with Wonderdrug for their upcoming release tentatively titled  "Bionic Embryo". King's recent work with the Dust Brothers, John Prine,  Iris Dement and Robbie Fulks should be a great combination with Wonderdrug."

March 21, 2000: Wonderdrug wants to thank all of its fans for their dedicated appearances at our shows. As some of you know there have been quite a few record labels out at our shows checking out the band. Your physical and vocal support of the band really does help show these labels that Wonderdrug is a viable national act.

February 15, 2000: NUVO Newsweekly in Indianapolis talked about Wonderdrug in their Feb 10, 2000 issue. The article talks about Wonderdrug's online involvement in promotion focusing on the Music Monster Network - http://musicmonster.net, which is one of the best online radio stations. Wonderdrug has been very popular on their station peaking at #4 on their general chart with Hi and the station picked up the just released Supersonic Daydream single. The really cool thing about their station is that if you are using the latest versions of the Real Player you can look at the playlist and jump ahead to listen to the song you want to (which helps the bands move up the charts!). Head over to http://musicmonster.net/charts/top200.htm to request both Hi and Supersonic Daydream plus its a great site to check out new music!

We also hope that you all head over to another great online music site. www.garageband.com. Its an online music competition that is based on how fans like the songs that are listed on the site. You can find our page by clicking HERE and leave your comments about the song. However it would be cool if you sign up to review some music and just maybe you will have a Wonderdrug song come up while you are trying it out!

CDNOW.com's Cosmic Music Network: CDnow has jumped into the online music game with their own Mp3.com type website. Wonderdrug is a featured artist on the site (we were one of the first 30 bands listed on their site the week it opened up). We currently have the album version of Star Trip up on their site in MP3 format. Check out Wonderdrug's site on cosmic.cdnow.com by clicking here.

Of course we are still listed on MP3.com. You can find our songs at http://www.mp3.com/wonderdrug/

February 5, 2000: The Drug is working with their partners in the Indianapolis based Indie 500 Records. Indie500 is planning to release several artists' discs in 2000. We will give you more information as those releases firm up. We have just gotten Indie500's website up and online. Its at www.indie500records.com 

February 5, 2000: The bands new studio THE POP MACHINE ( www.thepopmachine.com ) located in the Broad Ripple area of Indianapolis, is fully functional right now! Marc and Eric will  begin cutting some new Wonderdrug tunes for consideration on their next record in the first few months of 2000. The studio will also be available to book sessions starting in March. For booking info email Eric Johnson eric@wonderdrug.net

What people are saying:
"Wonderdrug is the kind of band that can write a great song like N.Y.C. High and still let me get up and ruin their set by playing bad Cheap Trick covers!"
Scott Lucas - Guitarist and Lead singer of Island Recording Act Local H

November/December 1999:
Wonderdrug and its label Indie500 Records continues to push their debut album "Hi!" aggressively to both local and national radio stations. Please take the time to call in to your local rock stations and request our music. While not all stations will play your request they will log it and the program manager will see it. Every single request helps us climb the mountain!

October 1999:
Wonderdrug has a bunch of new tour dates all through October and November. Head over to the tour page to check out where you can next see the drug. We have details firming up for our west coast tour in late November and early December, watch our tour site for the details.

For those of you who haven't been out to see the band lately here is a recent setlist of what the band is playing
Acid Karma
Faker (New Song)
Goodbye (New Song)
White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane Cover)
Space Out
Star Trip
I Know Where You're Comin' From (New Song)
Purple Is The Color Of The Universe
Taste (New Song)
Highway To Hell (AC/DC Cover)
Mad Mad Scene (New Song)
Be Aware (New Song)
Turning Pro
Supersonic Daydream (Extra Dreamy Version)

As reported last month Wonderdrug is involved in a national radio promotion campaign and is getting airplay on stations all across the USA.

Additionally Wonderdrug's debut album Hi! is now available via CDNOW. Click on here to buy the album at a very reasonable price of $10!

Many of you have written in saying you have heard Wonderdrug's music in some commercials! Wonderdrug has licensed two songs "Star Trip," and "Supersonic Daydream" to Monsoon Car Audio for national television ad campaign called "Drive Drenched in Sound." Monsoon is a high-end car audio company for Pontiac, Chevrolet, Buick, AM General and Volkswagen. The spot is very similar to other VW ads featuring The ORB, Spiritualized  and Hurricane #1. The Ad is running now with focus on CNN, ESPN, VH1 and MTV. Keep your eyes peeled!  Head over to Monsoon's site to watch the commercials featuring our music, http://www.monsoonpower.com/ads.html 

September 1999:
On Tuesday Sept. 14th Wonderdrug will perform an live acoustically on Indianapolis radio station X103 during their Wenck and O'Brien Morning Show sometime between 6 and 10am Central Time. Visit them online at www.wrzx.com (they broadcast online).

Wonderdrug is now on MP3.com with 3 album quality cuts. Head on over, listen and download. Tell your friends and push us up the MP3.com charts! www.mp3.com/wonderdrug/  Wonderdrug was also recently featured on Polo Jean's WayUpFront.com website and easily won that weeks fan voting between the three bands listed with a large majority of the votes (55%).

Wonderdrug will very soon have their album available in most major record stores nationwide as well as at all of the major online music stores. Watch the album page for links to where you can buy Hi!

Many of you have been writing in saying you have been hearing Wonderdrug on your local radio stations. Wonderdrug has a national radio campaign going promoting their debut album to radio stations across the country. The band has received glowing reviews in several industry magazines including the record to watch in the Sept. 3rd Radio and Records magazine. More stations every day are playing Wonderdrug and adding us to rotation. We hope to have a list of those stations for you soon. For all of the local Indianapolis fans X103 has added Wonderdrug to rotation. Wonderdrug has been getting airplay on WOXY in Cincy Ohio. Thanks to those fans that have been requesting us by aiming your web browser at www.woxy.com and sending an electronic song request So please call your local stations and request your favorite song(s)!

Wonderdrug performed on the 5pm evening news Thursday September 9th on Indianapolis' channel 8 in promotion of their performance at Rock the Ripple that same night. The Indianapolis Star also featured a note about Wonderdrug as one of their top recommendations at Rock the Ripple. 

August 1999:
For those of you who have not been able to get Wonderdrug's debut album "Hi!" at your local store (or have not been able to special order it through your local store) you soon should be able to get it through you favorite record store. We will soon have a new national distribution deal that should make it easier to find the album.

Beginning the week of August 16th the album Hi! will be sent to and promoted at over 100 Modern Rock/Alterative rock stations. Listen for tracks from the album and PLEASE call in and request your favorite songs from the album! We hope to have a list up with all of the stations the album has been sent to late in the week of the 16th. The songs we suggest you request would be Star Trip, NYC High, Hi! and any of your favorites! Wonderdrug really does appreciate EVERY request you put in to your favorite stations! For the local Indianapolis people WRZX X103 has been playing Hi! and Turning Pro and Bloomington's WTTS 92.3 has been playing Star Trip. WOXY 97X in Cincinnati/Oxford has been playing Hi! as well.

Scott Lucas of Local H ( www.localh.com ) has been giving Wonderdrug spins during his weekly show on Q101 WKQX in Chicago, the windy city's largest modern rock radio station. On August 8, Scott played "N.Y.C. High" and promoted the group's upcoming performance at the Double Door on Saturday, August 14. When Wonderdrug opened up for Local H a few months back the bands performed Cheap Trick's Surrender together as an encore.

Thursday, August 12 9:00 PM WLUW in Chicago will dedicate an hour worth of programming to Wonderdrug. The show will contain never before heard live versions of songs recorded July 30 during a sold out hometown show at The Patio in Indianapolis

On Friday, July 30 Wonderdrug performed their new single, "Star Trip" on the Indianapolis ABC affiliate WRTV 6 morning news. This marks the first time that a band has ever performed live in studio during the news.

Wonderdrug continues to receive air time on M2, MTV's music video-only channel. Information on Wonderdrug continues to air on M2's News segment. Wonderdrug is currently in talks with various video directors to shoot a video for one of the album's singles. Look for Wonderdrug soon on MTV's 120 Minutes, Flying Indie, The Box and VH1's Midnight Minute. 

July 1999: 
Now that Wonderdrug's debut album "Hi!" is available nationwide (an soon to be available online) the band is hitting the road, check out the new tour dates. The band has been getting a good deal of press coverage, here are a few of the articles: Indianapolis Star, NUVO/MTV interview/review and additionally M2 has been running info about Wonderdrug between videos.

The first single off of "Hi!" is the title track Hi! (Listen in RealAudio). WRZX (X103) Indianapolis IN has officially started playing the single "Hi!" in their rotation. It is VERY important that you call in and let them know that you like the song and the band. The request line at the station is 317-239-9103. So make sure that you call and request Wonderdrug. X103 is very excited about the band right now, but it will take the fans to win them over for the long haul. While you are at it, ask about us playing X-Fest on August 14th. Although Wonderdrug wasn't on the original announced line up, we are still talking with them about being added to the bill. 

We have put up RealAudio cuts of all of the songs on "Hi!" and also have a few MP3's up in our MEDIA section. Additionally we have made available a live version of Supersonic Daydream that is available only through our website. If you want to download all 4 of our available MP3's you can download the Hi Internet Single. Head over to the MEDIA section for more info! Chicagoland area.

May 1999: Wonderdrug's never ending tour continues across the midwest. The album "Hi!" is finally pressed and available at shows with national availability coming in June. Wonderdrug also is pushing their album to many radio stations in the midwest.

April 1999:  Wonderdrug continues to spread the word around the Midwest via their powerful live show; check the tour dates for a show near you!.  Final mastering and artwork are behind the band now. Their debut album "Hi!" will be released on Indie500 Records and will be available throughout the country in mid May!  Very soon we will have complete artwork and audio files of the songs that will be on Wonderdrug's debut album.

January 1999:  Be sure to check out the new Tour Dates.
After much hard work and planning it appears that the band will put the finishing touches on the last of their 30 original songs soon and the band will make the final decision of which 13-15 songs will go on their debut CD Hi!   The label that the album will be released on is still up in the air but there are several independent labels and distributors wanting to put the album out.  The release will coincide with the public opening of Wonderdrug's studio in Indianapolis Indiana, REV Recording Company. Look for more details on final tracklisting and Midwestern tour dates.

December 1998:  Wonderdrug will play an acoustic set on WRZX 103.3 (Indianapolis IN) on Sunday December 19th. On the show (hosted by Michael Young) the band will debut the new song "I Know Where Your Comin' From."

September 1998:  Wonderdrug's new single "N.Y.C. High" should be at most stations in the country.  The song is included on the compilation IndyHits.  You can listen to the single at their website www.indyhits.com.   Call your local alternative and college rock stations and request the single!   You can order the IndyHits CD for $3 from their website, so pick up this collectors item now while its available, Wonderdrug is featured on the September IndyHits CD.

August 19, 1998:  Wonderdrug opened up for Matchbox 20, Soul Asylum and Semisonic at Deer Creek Music Center outside of Indianapolis Indiana.  Thanks to all of the fans who came early to see the Drug play and welcome to all of the new people who saw the band for the first time.  The raves from those in attendance attest that the band is playing better than ever!  Members of Matchbox 20, Soul Asylum and Semisonic all watched the bands set and appeared to really enjoy the band.

August 1998: Wonderdrug played a bunch of shows throughout the month to raving crowds, we are sorry for the delay on the release of our CD.  The Drug is the subject of much interest from a number of major label record labels and that has slowed down the whole album release process.

July 1998:  Many record labels are courting the band since advance copies of the debut album "Hi!" were released. Check back here for more info to see what label the album will come out on.

July 1998:  Wonderdrug Bulletin Board/Discussion Board added.

March 25, 1998:  New tour dates added to the Tour Section

Feb. 1998:  Wonderdrug plans its new Midwestern tour.  New show dates added to the Tour Section

January 10, 1998 : New Show date - Jan. 15 at C.T. Peppers, Indianapolis

January 1998 : Wonderdrug.net undergoes a major redesign

December 31, 1997/ January 1, 1998 : Wonderdrug plays a packed house at The Patio followed by a blow out aftershow party w/ jam session of Indy's top musicians at REV Studios.

September 1997:  Wonderdrug's official web site is established, www.wonderdrug.net

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