Wonderdrug X103 Interview
Friday, May 25, 2001

Marc and Eric ham it up on WRZX X103 with Modern Rock Lounge singer Richard Cheese.  The Johnson's 
sang along with Cheese's lounge styled version of Nirvana's Rape Me and also on his version of 
Wonderdrug's Automatic. DJ Adam Ritz talked with the guys for a couple of breaks while also playing Automatic.

May26$01 May26$02 May26$03 May26$04 May26$05
X103 Studio Marc, Eric,
Richard Cheese
Marc, Eric,
Richard Cheese
X103 Studio Marc & Eric in
the Studio
May26$06 May26$07 May26$08 May26$09 May26$11
Singing with
Richard Cheese
Singing with
Richard Cheese
DJ's Adam Ritz
and Nigel
Eric & Marc DJ's Adam
and Nigel
May26$12 May26$13 May26$14 May26$15
Eric & Marc
doing the interview
Eric & Marc In the studio Eric & Marc

Wonderdrug X103 Green Room Interview
Saturday, May 26, 2001

May26$16 May26$22 May26$23
on the air
In The Green
Kelley, Eric
and Marc